SwimSure Swim School

I would just like to compliment your instructors following  my children's first swimming lessons with SwimSure today.


Both children thoroughly enjoyed themselves and can’t wait to get back. I had been quite nervous about my daughter having lessons as I wasn’t sure that she would even get in the pool without me let alone do half the things that Jackie got her to do! Anne was fantastic in my son's lesson because although he is confident he is quite a chatterbox and easily distracted but she did an excellent job of keeping him focused.


I know people usually only comment when there is a problem but thought I’d just take a moment to tell you how pleased I was after today and feel that I have made the right choice in signing them both up.


Mrs S.

Sept. 2014

 Just wanted to email you and say thank you and to say how happy I am with the progress my daughter is making in her swimming lessons at Colneis School Pool. She's only had two lessons with Louise and already she can swim on her back unaided.


Thanks again for providing excellent lessons!


Mrs G

Sept. 2014

My daughter absolutely loves her swimming lessons. The teacher is fantastic.

Ms Y

October 2014